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A New Ray , Child guidance Clinic

About Us

A New Ray :: Child Guidance Clinic

A New Ray – Child Guidance Clinic is a new joint unit of ANR hospital which provides services to mental health problems in children and adolescents. Child guidance has an important role in preventing delinquency and mental disease, dealing with children of normal and abnormal intelligence, exhibiting a range of behavioural and psychological problem. For the all-round development of a child, the child’s physical and psychological functioning and environment to which he is exposed at home and school should be taken care of.

The quality of the child’s relationship with the parents and the environment they are growing in greatly effects their cognitive, emotional and social development. We have team of experts who provide elaborative evaluation and assessment of children with patience and care. We also provide support system for the parents and children and problem solving skills while dealing with children with different age groups.

MISSION: To assist, support and provide a safe and healthy environment for children with comprehensive mental health treatment and for them to explore, discover, connect and grow in a balanced and fulfilling environment for their holistic development.

AIM: To provide services to the children and families who are facing mental health difficulties related to neurodevelopment, academics, behaviour, mood regulation, attention, abuse, etc.

For us, child's mental health is as important as their physical well-being. We are here to help children and parents in the community to achieve a healthier, better and balanced life.