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Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive assessments are formal assessments to test the child's intelligence and abilities in the domains of verbal and non-verbal skills, memory and speed of processing information. These assessments are usually paper pencil tests that involve a number of different tasks such as puzzles, answering questions and remembering certain things.

The cognitive assessment is carried out by a qualified and licensed clinical psychologist, or a trainee clinical psychologist under the supervision of a qualified member of staff.

Need of referral for a cognitive assessment?

Children might be referred because of concerns regarding:.

  • * School performance

  • * Language disorder or learning difficulties.

  • * Memory or attention disturbances.

How might a cognitive assessment be helpful to you and your child?

  • * To give you an idea of your child's learning strengths and weaknesses.

  • * Recommendations or advice can be given on how to support areas of weakness.

  • * Establish giftedness

  • * It may also help you in selecting a school placement that would best meet your child's needs