Pharmacotherapy / Medications at A New Ray...

"Will my child benefit from medications?" - questioned a concerned parent of a kid with severe attention deficit and hyper activity.

"Will my child resume his normal activity and school with medications?" - enquired a loving parent handling a kid with school refusal.

A psychiatrist's answer in both the scenarios differs.
Every child is different and similarly problems which they face are different.
Goal of our assessment would be to understand the child's illness and to offer a symptom and target based management plan.
Giving medicines / pharmacotherapy is often not the first line of treatment in children and adolescents.
As most of the child's problems stem from individual, family or environmental factors ; appropriate modifications in these factors and psychotherapy would be considered as initial treatment strategy.

Currently use of medications depending on severity is justified in following problems:

  • * ADHD

  • * Behavioral abnormalities in mental retardation

  • * Severe anxiety

  • * Severe depression

  • * Childhood onset bipolarity

  • * Psychosis

  • * Seizures

If medications need to be given and it would benefit the daily functioning and quality of life of the kid; such a decision would be taken after due discussion with parents/caregivers.

Abundance of information in the internet these days is sometimes helpful but unfortunately most of the times misguiding to parents.

Finding right information is also the need of the hour.

At this juncture following link out resources could be helpful for parents and professionals:

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