Adolescence is a difficult stage and probably needs the most attention and care. This is a crucial stage where an individual matures in cognition, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Teenagers are very impressionable and malleable; hence it is of utmost importance to give them a good environment to flourish in.

Adolescents spend most of their time in schools and colleges. The onus of giving teenagers an environment where they can explore their capabilities and develop personalities is on these education bodies. It is the responsibility of these institutions to educate and make aware children and adolescents about the potential hardships they will face growing up. Equipping the child with knowledge makes the child aware and better prepared. This in turn ensures that they fall less victim to mental illnesses and disorders. Lessons in kindness and compassion mould the personalities of children into better human beings who help others in need. Ragging and bullying are the topmost reasons for suicide among teenagers. This can reduce substantially.

It is mandatory that all schools and colleges have a counselor on duty. Having ready professional service can help adolescents to vent out their problems. Teenagers often feel that they are misunderstood and have no one to turn to at the time of trouble. Someone equipped to handle teenagers can gain their confidence and make them feel like an important part of society.  Not adults yet but not children either, teenagers can feel out of place. The rapid changes in their bodies can leave them feeling disoriented and confused. The sudden growth spurt can make them act unreasonably and irritably. This time is tough on teenagers and their caregivers too.

This time of extreme confusion can be made easier on teenagers if they have an easy environment where they can explore their talents without any overbearing pressure. Teenagers, in controlled environment have more chances of delinquency. Some teens fall prey to bad company. However a judgment free, caring environment can make the teenager more open about their problems and happy. Self awareness and a happy environment ensure that the teenagers develop their personalities into fully functioning adults

Just as educational institutions, adults around adolescents have the responsibility to provide a loving and care free environment to the children. Parents and caregivers must be aware of the impact their actions have on their teens. Being impressionable, these teens pick up the habits of the adults and role-models around them. Adults have to take extra care to be understanding and compassionate around their teen so they are approachable. It is extremely difficult for adolescents to talk about their problems, and it is important that they communicate.

The growing needs of teenagers are underestimated and they need more support and compassion growing up. There has to be a visible effort in making the environment conducive to grow. Children whose needs are taken care of are happy and less likely to have mental illnesses. Since teens are at an awkward stage, equipping them with life skills; makes them confident about themselves. The leading cause of mental illnesses is low self esteem and pressure. Preparing them to handle their lives ahead can prevent an onset of mental illnesses.

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